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I don't think "God wills / desires all to be saved" and "God will save all those He wills / desires" ARE mutually exclusive, tbh. Interesting gadget, anyway. It'd be good to see it developed more, maybe with a series of statements and a final score breakdown. I really like your design

Brilliant game. I loved the first instalment, and this one really improves on it. Found a bug, though - sometimes dialogue boxes won't close and sit there obscuring the screen until I quit the area. Right now I've got the 'no combinations' dialogue hanging over the game board :/

Wouldn't load for me

JustDontMind8 responds:

Hi BuzzkillSquad,

It looks like the new version of Flash is causing issues for some players.

You can try rolling your Flash back to an earlier version, or see if clearing your cache helps the game load properly afterwards.

typically the inital load is the worst one… unless you clear your cache you probably won’t run into the problem again

Did you used PC or Mobile device? This game can only be played in PC browser, It cannot be played in mobile devices. If the game still won't load try to reload this page. Thanks for telling me :D

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Really enjoyed this. My only criticism would be that I'd maybe bring the drums a tiny bit closer to the front of the mix, but that might just be a subjective thing. Other than that, I love the energy in the mix and the chaos threatening to engulf the whole thing just before it suddenly falls away to the outro. Good work :)

ZentiXGMD responds:

Thanks a lot! im glad you liked it! thx for the feedback :)

Again, it's difficult to talk in detail about such short snippets, but I think your mixing on the first 2 tracks is sounding pretty sharp for work in production. The 2nd could maybe do with a little brightening, but other than that I'd say you're on the right path

Track 3 sounds over-compressed and saturated to my ears, and the drums are suffering for it. Taking a bit of weight off the top and boosting the lower-mids slightly might help to bring them out more

As for which to finish, track 1 is more to my taste than the others

GGMiXsiMusic responds:

It's 2v2v0 now!

Thanks for your vote!

I really, really dig this. It's rich, complex and interesting, and I love that it's probably unplayable on solo piano. Technology should do what humans can't. Your programming is tight

Eagleon responds:

Thank you, and thank you for the watch :) I agree, but I miss having an actual piano to dink around on. Keyboard doesn't cut it for piano noises IMO. I suppose for composition it's good to know how to make midi sound human; I'm getting better at it I think.

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